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We are seriously with each project , we respect your design and try to make it come true.

Step 1: Initial stone dry-lay & Material recommendation

Our principle of service started from right materials recommendation.

We will fully communicate with the architect/designer regarding the stone work and the effect to achieve, and submit samples for approval to meet the requirements.

To establish the agreed range, initial stone or mock-up unit dry lay is necessary, to establish compliance to the range as well as blending acceptability prior to full scale project production.

Step 2: Quarry visit & Block Selection

According to clients’ requirements, the most cost-effective stone will be proposed and sourced. We will select the quality fresh blocks from the quarries for further production.

All blocks are numbered on the quarry before shipping.

Step 3: Block cutting & Slabs selection

Our inspectors on fulltime will make a preliminary assessment of the blocks when arriving in our factory, the grain, shadow and grade of the stone will be recorded, and cutting suggestions will be offered according to the block dimension to maximize the utilization rate.

After cutting in the gangsaw & circular saw workshop, each slab will be numbered in the format of “block number + slab number” and recorded.

With this method, the color consistency, veins movement and grain variations will be maintained, which also will make possible replacement
best matched when needed.


Step 4: Bridge Cutting & Molding process & Sealant Application

The color, size and shape will be controlled during this process. Each piece will be inspected again before cutting, any cracks, spots or other defects will be avoided properly, its position will be also considered.

Sealant or impregnator will be applied if required, on 6 sides; normally 2 kinds of sealant are optional, water-based or oilbased.

Step 5:Dry-lay inspection & Marking & Labelling

All materials will be dry-lay inspected before packing, to comply with the criteria of correct flatness, diagonal, thickness tolerance, and color consistence of each area as well.

Each cut piece will be labelled or numbered with installation sequence & direction numbers, to keep all corresponding with the approved shop drawings.

Step 6: Packing & Loading

The stone, after labelling, will be packed into strong fumigated
wooden crates. Foams will be put in between pieces to avoid breakage during transportation.

Shipping marks with details will be attached on each crate for site’s easier distribution.

Loading will be arranged and handled with care in factory or our shipping dockyard.

Strengthen methods will be applied and ensured.

Step 7: Shipping

Voyage of shipment is taken sevral days from Xiamen, China to customer’s destination port. The custom clearance normally takes 2-3 days.

All crates will be transported to the site when arrived or stored temporarily in the warehouse for 1 week.

We will negociate with customers for the transportation way to the work site if needed.

We are serious with every order, try to ask for quote!

Seikou will supply you professional services on the projects material choosing, buduget and others.

Project management Organization of SEIKOU

SEIKOU has a completely system to control the quality of projects.

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